[rspec-users] rails 3 + latest rspec 2: route set not finalized

Timo Rößner dark.red.and.yellow at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 22 04:29:44 EDT 2010

Hey guys,

i have a problem with latest rails 3 and rspec2.0.0.12beta.
When running most of my (with rails 2 and rspec 1 working) controller
specs i get:

    route set not finalized

I reduced the problem to the max:

$ cat config/routes.rb
Foo::Application.routes.draw do |map|
  resources :profiles

$ cat spec/controllers/profiles_controller_spec.rb

require 'spec_helper'
describe ProfilesController do
  describe 'GET index' do
    it 'should render the index template' do
      get 'index'
      response.should render_template(:index)

-> The spec-run:

$ bundle exec spec spec/controllers/profiles_controller_spec.rb


1) ProfilesController GET index should render the index template
    Failure/Error: get 'index'
    route set not finalized
    # ~/.bundle/ruby/1.8/gems/rack-mount-0.6.6/lib/rack/mount/
route_set.rb:208:in `generate'
    # ~/.bundle/ruby/1.8/gems/rspec-rails-2.0.0.beta.8/lib/rspec/rails/
monkey/action_controller/test_case.rb:111:in `process'
    # ~/.bundle/ruby/1.8/gems/rspec-rails-2.0.0.beta.8/lib/rspec/rails/
monkey/action_controller/test_case.rb:59:in `get'
    # ./spec/controllers/profiles_controller_spec.rb:7

Finished in 0.04356 seconds
1 example, 1 failures

I do realize that the error comes from rack-mount, not rspec itself.
However, the application itself
is working as expected, so it has to be something specific about the
way rspec and rack-mount interact.

The relevant part of the Gemfile:

gem 'rspec', :git => 'git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec.git'
gem 'rspec-rails', :git => 'git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec-

$ rails -v
Rails 3.0.0.beta4
Os: Ubuntu Lucid

Any ideas?

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