[rspec-users] Bundler, rake spec and Steak

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Tue Jun 22 03:37:15 EDT 2010

El 22/06/2010, a las 08:16, Marcelo de Moraes Serpa escribió:

> Hello list,
> I have noted a few problems when using rake spec. First, it doesn't seem to
> load the gems from the Gemfile (:test group) I had to add a required for
> each gem in this group on the spec_helper.rb file when I tried to run the
> tests vai rake spec, if I use the spec command, it works as expected.

Unfortunately I can't help you here. At least with the versions I'm using (rspec-rails 2.0.0.beta.12, steak 0.4.0.beta.1, rails 3.0.0.beta.4) I haven't noted any problems.

> Another thing -- I'm using Steak for acceptance testing. Steak puts its
> tests under spec/acceptance. Each Steak test uses the acceptance_helper.rb
> helper script. This helper also automatically loads any ruby script from
> spec/acceptance/support/*.rb. The issue here is that, when I run rake spec,
> it is running acceptance tests as well, which would not be a problem if some
> support scripts from it set *not to use transactional fixtures* and setup
> DatabaseCleaner, and messes up with the rest of the specs.
> Any ideas on how to exclude acceptance tests from the rake spec?

There is nothing intrinsically "special" about the "spec/acceptance" directory so you could move that somewhere else (for example, Cucumber sticks its features in a top-level "features" directory and you could do the same kind of thing).

The only thing is the generator included with Steak will keep putting the files into "spec/acceptance" unless you tweak the generator yourself, or choose not to use it.

Also, the "spec:acceptance" Rake task defined by Steak in "lib/tasks/steak.rake" would need to be updated to refer to your new path.

If all of this seems like too much work, you could try posting a ticket on the Steak tracker asking Luismi to consider changing the location of the files:


He is usually very responsive, and I'm sure that he'll either give you what your asking for, or explain why it can't be that way.


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