[rspec-users] Issue when run my specs in Textmate but not in terminal

Daniel Lopes danielvlopes at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 01:05:30 EDT 2010

Hello, I'm experiencing a weird behavior that I cant find the
solution. My specs that depends on Factory Girl with attachment only
works in command line and not in Textmate with Command+R or Command

My app uses rspec 1.3, rspec-rails 1.3.2, factory-girl 1.2.4 and Rails
2.3.5 with paperclip.

Right now I have a simple factory:

Factory.define(:product) do |p|
  p.display_name  "Things for iPhone"
  p.price         9.99
  p.attach        "icon", "spec/fixtures/images/app_icon.png", "image/

The attach method above is defined in the same way as below (in a
initializer file):


Any time that I try use the factory above my specs fail with this

Validation failed: Icon /var/folders/CT/CT5WXMvBHIWX2jTklhOUh++++TI/-
Tmp-/stream20100622-9804-1ynydgk-0 is not recognized by the 'identify'

Somebody have any idea of what it can be?

Thanks a lot.

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