[rspec-users] cleanup wiki

rogerdpack rogerpack2005 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 13:49:30 EDT 2010

The wiki (especially the index on its right hand) http://wiki.github.com/dchelimsky/rspec/
currently (to me) feels a bit hard to navigate.

Given that my one request to github to allow for orderable right hand
index was denied, I was wondering if some work wants to be done on it
to make it easier to navigate.

Two options seem to present themselves:

1) rename each page with an "ordering" prefix, like

 1 Getting Started
 1.1 Installation
 1.1.2 Rails
 1.2 Troubleshooting
 2 Developing
 2.1 Contributing
 2.2 Getting in touch


advantage: the right hand index looks good, looks organized, overall
easier to use.
disadvantage: harder to edit, since ordering matters.

2) Add an "A Table of contents" page (it will be at the top), similar
to http://wiki.github.com/aslakhellesoy/cucumber/a-table-of-content
advantage: easier to edit.
disadvantage: right hand index looks ugly.

Any thoughts in this regard?
Any thoughts there?

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