[rspec-users] Problems running RSpec 2 with autotest/autospec

Kristian Mandrup kmandrup at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 17:29:12 EDT 2010

Thanks again David :)

> Don't use RSPEC=true for rspec-2.
> Also, probably need to set AUTOFEATURE=false.

OK, when I run it like this

$ AUTOFEATURE=false autotest

I get an empty autotest output whenever I change and save a spec.
The above lets me disable features, but how do I ENABLE specs with
rspec 2 if I can't use RSPEC=true?

> You don't need this with rspec because rspec does it's own colorizing.

Great! I disabled redgreen from my .autotest file. Now I just need to
get autotest working with RSpec 2 and coloring ;)

PS: I added an RSpec 2 notes section to the bottom of the autotest
instructions at: http://wiki.github.com/dchelimsky/rspec/autotest-integration
I know... there is a separate wiki for the rspec account as well, but
that wiki seems to have even less instructions. I would like to add
some wiki info there when I get all this working!

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