[rspec-users] Problem running RSpec tests with Rails

Bruno Cardoso lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Jul 26 12:12:14 EDT 2010


Not sure if this is a RSpec problem or Rails but I believe is more a
RSpec situation.

What happens is that when I run my RSpecs tests all the BD is recreated,
including the "schema_migration" table, because of this I get a problem

You have 29 pending migrations:
  20100628100855 CreateCustomers
  20100628103228 CreateAccounts
  20100628172155 CreateCfgEntities

It seems rails notices that the schema_migration tables is empty and
that are migration scripts to run. This shouldn't be needed because
Rails uses schema.rb to recreate the table, right?

I'm using JRuby with JDBC connection by the way.

Anyone know how to resolve this?
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