[rspec-users] How it would be tested?

tests learner tests.learner at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 13:35:43 EDT 2010

Hello all.

I'm working with rails and came to a situation that i cannot imagine
how to test this.

Given i have an index action that retrieves me a collection of
But some of them have especific permissions.

My index action act like this:
- retrieve public objects.
- retrieve permission 1 objects.
- retrieve permission 2 objects.

So i have to write 3 tests.

it "should retrieve public objects"

context "permission 1"
  it " should retrieve permission 1 objects"
context "permission 2"
  it "should retrieve permission 2 objects"

Until here no problems because only conditional tests and method

But how i would test the "Index.retrieve_objects_from_permission1" ?

supose i have

class  Index < ActiveRecord::Base
   has_many :permissions
   def self.retrieve_objects_from_permission1
       Index.all(:conditions => "permissions.id = 1", :include
=> :permissions)

    def has_permission1

My Index.retrieve_objects_from_permission1 would be:

it "should retrieve objects that have permission 1" do
   @collection = Index.retrieve_objects_from_permission1
   @collection.each do |c|
       c.has_permission1.should == true

Is it right? ( I didn't see it before on other's code, so i don't
think it's right.)

Sorry for my poor english. i hope I have been clear enough.

Thank you :)

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