[rspec-users] How do I setup Rspec, Cucumber to test a Gem?

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Mon Jul 19 15:12:39 EDT 2010

On 19 Jul 2010, at 19:05, Walther Diechmann wrote:

> Hi,
> my question unwields me as a complete noob - which is okay - but I
> apologize for this totally basic question <:)
> I've bought the PragProg Rspec Book and googled, been reading blogs and
> what-have-I-not, but nowhere have I been able to find information
> detailing how I setup a BDD environment for testing the construction of
> a Gem.
> I have a ../gem_folder which I hope eventually will be a Gem to use with
> Rails 3 and I really would like to upload it to GitHub with a good test
> coverage.
> From the Rspec Book  I've learned that within Rails Apps, I use Cucumber
> and WebRat (among others) - but the book does not (or at least Iøve not
> been able to discover it) show how to setup the environment, without the
> Rails App.
> I guess my question could boil down to: how do I create the environment
> (folders, files) to test a Gem meant to work with Rails?
> So far I have:
> ../gem_folder
> ../gem_folder/features
> ../gem_folder/lib
> ../gem_folder/pkg
> ../gem_folder/spec
> and a few files like Rakefile, Manifest, CHANGELOG, LICENSE - and I'm
> able to push to Gemcutter and GitHub
> but where in this picture does the Rails App fit in? How do I make sure
> that the Gem will work went installed/utilized on Rails App's
> best regards,
> Walther
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The rspec-rails gem is probably a good example for you to read for ideas.


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