[rspec-users] rspec2 help output has brackets?

rogerdpack rogerpack2005 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 09:17:19 EDT 2010

Hi all.

Saw this:

Usage: rspec [options] [files or directories]
    -b, --backtrace                  Enable full backtrace
    -c, --[no-]color, --[no-]colour  Enable color in the output
    -d, --debug                      Enable debugging
    -e, --example PATTERN            Run examples whose full
descriptions match this pattern
                                     (PATTERN is compiled into a Ruby
regular expression)
    -f, --format FORMATTER           Choose a formatter
                                       [p]rogress (default - dots)
                                       [d]ocumentation (group and
example names)
                                       custom formatter class name

tried this:
$ rspec -fp (for the [p] in [p]rogress)

got this:

Exception `ArgumentError' at c:/dev/ruby/downloads/jruby/lib/ruby/gems/
- Formatter 'p' unknown - maybe you meant 'documentation' or
`formatter=': Formatter 'p' unknown - maybe you meant 'documentation'
or 'progress'?. (ArgumentError)

is this expected?

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