[rspec-users] (rspec2/rails3) spec'ing the details of a controller that is not purely *skinny* by design.

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Sat Jul 10 10:05:31 EDT 2010

El 10/07/2010, a las 12:21, Wincent Colaiuta escribió:

> I think the biggest speed gain wouldn't be from doing more mocking and stubbing, but actually from swapping in an in-memory database instead of MySQL. Not sure how hard that would be, to be honest. (Wondering if it's possible to run get MySQL to run from a RAM disk, seeing as I unfortunately do have some MySQL-specific stuff in there that prevents me from swapping away from it for testing.)

So I thought I'd try setting this up based on notes found here (nothing Rails specific here, post is written by a Django developer):


Alas, the before-and-after timings don't bring the kind of speed up I was hoping for:

  normal disk

  real	2m51.720s
  user	2m30.692s
  sys	0m2.653s

  ram disk

  real	2m42.268s
  user	2m31.590s
  sys	0m2.499s

It's possible that one could get better performance by tuning some MySQL parameters, but I am sceptical about the gains being very impressive.


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