[rspec-users] somewhat confused by the help instructions...

rogerdpack rogerpack2005 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 13:54:22 EST 2010

As a note of feedback, when I do a spec --help, I saw this line...

    -e, --example [NAME|FILE_NAME]   Execute example(s) with matching
name(s). If the argument is
                                     the path to an existing file
(typically generated by a previous
                                     run using --format
failing_examples:file.txt), then the examples
                                     on each line of that file will be
executed. If the file is empty,
                                     all examples will be run (as if --
example was not specified).

so I, trying to be clever, passed it something to match:

E:\dev\ruby\spork>spec spec/spork/run_strategy/single* -e"the result"

Finished in 0.125 seconds

0 examples, 0 failures

Passing it the full test name seems to work, however:

E:\dev\ruby\spork>spec spec/spork/run_strategy/single* -e"returns the
result of the run_tests method from the forked child"

Finished in 0.34375 seconds

3 examples, 0 failures


rephrase the help as "runs the test whose name equals the one
specified" (instead of using the word "matches" which to me somehow
meant "regex"), or

change the matching to be regex matching (this one is what I would
personally prefer--then you don't have to put full test names on the
command line).


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