[rspec-users] error: stack level too deep

aaron zhang yalong1976 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 22:40:44 EST 2010

hi, guys

    i write follow code :

        it "The default should be based on readers to recommend a book
tastes" do
            @pick_book = mock_model(PickBook)
            @pick_books = [@pick_book]
            @recommend_count = 1

PickBook.should_receive(:recommend_books).with(@recommend_count, at user).and_return(@pick_books)

            post 'create','format'=>'json'
            assigns['pick_books'].should    equal(@pick_books)
            response.should be_success
            response.should have_text(@pick_books.to_json)

    The following error occurred:
        stack level too deep

Best regards,
Aaron 无书伴我读
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