[rspec-users] Within method (and other Webrat methods)

Onno van der Straaten onno.van.der.straaten at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 16:31:13 EST 2010

Another newbie question. I'm sort of confused as I often find instructions
on the internet that don't work.

Now I was looking for ways to click a link that can only be selected in a
complex way using CSS selectors.

I found an example

within "#entry_2" do |scope|
  scope.click_link "Delete"

The article suggests this done using Webrat but when I try to use it
the message is that 'within' does not exist. I am using Webrat right?
I have this in env.rb
require 'webrat'
require 'webrat/core/matchers'

Best Regards,
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