[rspec-users] test-unit oddities

rogerdpack rogerpack2005 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 21:43:27 EST 2010

I think I've tracked down why rspec dislikes test-unit gems > 1.3.5

this code:

gem 'rails', '= 2.3.5'

puts $LOAD_PATH.find{|l| l.instance_variables.include?
puts $LOAD_PATH.uniq.find{|l| l.instance_variables.include?

[if you take off the '= 2.3.5' it gives different results]
Anyway rails itself ends up doing a


which clears the gem_prelude_index, causing test-unit '= 1.3.5' to be
added at the end of $LOAD_PATH, which means that its brother , v
2.0.6, precedes it, and gets loaded.

so the question is...whose fault is this? gems? rails?


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