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Tue Feb 23 13:34:35 EST 2010

I just use a factory method.

describe 'Authorize.net CIM gateway', :shared => true do
  describe 'saving a card' do
    describe 'preconditions' do
      it "should raise an error if the card is not saved" do
        lambda {
          gateway.save_credit_card(Factory.build(:credit_card, :user => Factory(:user)))
        }.should raise_error(ArgumentError, /unsaved record/)

    describe 'first card saved on an account' do
      it "should set the authorize_id on the credit card" do
        credit_card = Factory :credit_card, :user => Factory(:user)
        gateway.save_credit_card credit_card
        credit_card.authorize_id.should be_present

      it "should return true for a successful response" do
        credit_card = Factory :credit_card, :user => Factory(:user)
        gateway.save_credit_card(credit_card).should be_true

      it "should mark the card as having a validated card code" do
        card = Factory :credit_card, :card_code_validated => false
        gateway.save_credit_card card
        card.should be_card_code_validated

  # etc etc etc etc

describe Payment::AuthorizeNetCim::FakeGateway do
  def gateway
    @gateway ||= Payment::AuthorizeNetCim::FakeGateway.new

  it_should_behave_like 'Authorize.net CIM gateway'
  # some extra custom examples

I prefer this to requiring an instance variable, because you get built in error-handling for free.  If you don't implement the factory method, you get "undefined method: gateway" rather than the less obvious undefined method on NilClass error.

Also, your :locals => { :entry => Entry.new } syntax is going to be no good because you'll only have one instance of Entry that gets reused across examples.  No bueno.  You'd have to do
:locals => lambda { { :entry => Entry.new } }
and now it's just getting ugly.

If you think defining methods is too heavy (which I wouldn't agree with, but okay) then maybe use the let method?

describe Entry do
  before do
    let(:entry) { Entry.new )

  it_should_behave_like "an_entry"

How's that look?


On Feb 23, 2010, at 9:30 AM, Scott Taylor wrote:

> Has there been any development on shared helpers / it_should_behave_like feature in rspec?
> I forget the reasons, but I remember a patch for something like this was rejected:
>    it_should_behave_like "an_entry", :locals => { :entry => Entry.new }
> OR:
>    before do
>      @entry = Entry.new
>    end
>    it_should_behave_like "an_entry", :locals => lambda {
>      { 
>        :entry => @entry
>      }
>    }
> Is there any code which now deals with the variable passing issue in rspec?
> Best,
> Scott
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