[rspec-users] Do you still Write Tests First on code that is churning hard?

me at franklakatos.com me at franklakatos.com
Fri Feb 19 08:40:14 EST 2010

I kind of follow a similar principle here. Many times I will write app  
code because in not sure how to pull of the functionality I'm try to  
do. Once I can confirm that I'm getting the expected results, I take a  
mental note of what I did, remove the code, and drive it out again  
with the spec.

I like this method a lot because the repetition helps me to lock in  
the logic. Kinda like how people say you really know a topic if you  
can teach it to someone else. The spec almost because that someone  
else I'm teaching.

So in short, I think you're safe in your approach, but don't leave the  
code-first spec-second code in production.

Frank Lakatos
Catchon Media
frank at catchonmedia.com

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