[rspec-users] CRITICAL: Rspec gem install > spec command not found!

Kristian Mandrup kmandrup at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 03:58:56 EST 2010

I have the beta release of the RSpec book. Trying to run the greeting
example 'Hello World'

Using brew as package manager

Installed rspec gem using

$ sudo gem install rspec

kristian-mandrups-macbook-pro:rspec-coding kristianconsult$ gem list

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

abstract (1.0.0)
actionmailer (3.0.pre, 2.3.5)
cucumber (0.6.2)
cucumber-rails (0.2.4)
rspec (1.3.0)
rspec-rails (1.3.2)

My system used the spec in jruby first, so I removed jruby from the

kristian-mandrups-macbook-pro:rspec-coding kristianconsult$ spec -help
-bash: spec: command not found

Then trying uninstall
kristian-mandrups-macbook-pro:rspec-coding kristianconsult$ sudo gem
uninstall rspec

Select gem to uninstall:
 1. rspec-1.3.0
 2. rspec-1.3.0
 3. All versions
> 3
Remove executables:
	autospec, spec

in addition to the gem? [Yn] Y


Trying to reinstall

$ sudo gem install rspec

  Thank you for installing rspec-1.3.0

  Please be sure to read History.rdoc and Upgrade.rdoc
  for useful information about this release.

Successfully installed rspec-1.3.0
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for rspec-1.3.0...
Updating class cache with 2074 classes...
Installing RDoc documentation for rspec-1.3.0...
Could not find main page README.rdoc
kristian-mandrups-macbook-pro:rspec-coding kristianconsult$ spec --
-bash: spec: command not found

Where should the spec command be found?
I created some rails generators myself with executables, so I assume
the rspec gem install comes with a /bin directory with a spec

I really wanna start learning BDD today!


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