[rspec-users] Make macros DRY

rejeep johan.rejeep at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 15:11:01 EST 2010


I have lots of problems to refactor RSpec macros and make them DRY.
Right now I'm stuck in such a situation for some role macros.

In my controller tests, I want to write:

  1) it_should_grant_access(:super_admin, :to => :countries)
  2) it_should_grant_access(:admin, :to => :countries, :only =>
[:index, :show])
  3) it_should_not_grant_access(:user, :to => :countries)

These three rules should make sure that:

  1) Super admin should be granted access to all default actions in
the countries controller
  2) Admin should be granted access to index and show, but not to new,
create, edit, update or destroy
  3) User should not be granted access to any of the default actions

Since I want to be using this from many places, I used a module:

  module RoleMacros
[:index, :show, :new, :create, :edit, :update, :destroy]

    def it_should_grant_access(role, options)

      # ...

      if except.present?
        actions = DEFAULT_ACTIONS - Array(except)
      elsif only.present?
        actions = Array(only)
        actions = DEFAULT_ACTIONS

      # ...


    def it_not_should_grant_access(role, options)
      # ...

As you see from the example code there are some stuff I need to do
before I can do the actual testing.

My question is how to solve this in a DRY way so that I can use the
set up code in the "not" case as well?

Another problem is that when I specify that some role should have
access to some actions, it also means that the role should not have
access to all but those actions. This means that I must have each
request test in separate so that I can call them. But I'm not sure how
to do this.


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