[rspec-users] Notes on upgrading from RSpec 1 to RSpec 2

Jim Morris wolfmanjm at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 18:22:26 EST 2010

I am trying to upgrade a Rails 2.2.2 app to Rails3, its  a pain ;)

Part of this is I need to upgrade all my Specs to RSpec2, as this info
does not seem to be in any one place, here is a summary of what I
needed to do...

* needed to rename all my views from .haml to .html.haml,
(or .html.erb) although
  Rails3 seemed ok with the old naming RSpec2 view specs failed to
find the templates with the old name.

* rewrite all my view specs...
  - change `@controller.template.` to `view.`

  -  change `have_tag` to `have_selector` and change the parameters
     - place holders not supported, need to use #{}
     - add :content => for any text in second parameter

  - change `assign[:blah]= :blod` to `assign(:blag, :blod)`

  - change the describe ... do to have the path to the view rather
than text description

  - change the render '/show' to just render or render :file => 'full
template spec'

  - change have_text to matches(/../)

  - change response.should to rendered.shoul

* modify the controller specs
  - controller_name is no longer supported, so need to nest all my
    describes under a top level describe that has the controller
     describe 'UsersController' do
     or use subject {SomeController.new}  (not tested yet)

   - when using post/delete/put :something, :id => 1 passing in an
integer id used to work, now it needs to
     be a string (probably a rails3 thing)
     delete :destroy, :id => "1"

* helper specs only needed minor changes
  - change have_tag to have_selector

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