[rspec-users] rspec2: autotest keeps rerunning failing tests

nathanvda nathanvda at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 03:59:28 EDT 2010

Since my update to beta.20 i have this weird thing.
Normally i develop with autotest on, and when i get an error: i can
check the errors, and they are rerun when i save the files.

If all my tests pass this is still the current behaviour, but if i
have failing tests, autotest will keep running those tests.
I am afraid i find that kind of annoying :)

I am not sure what could cause this.

In my autotest/discover.rb i have the following lines:

Autotest.add_discovery { "rails" }
Autotest.add_discovery { "rspec2" }

Is there a way to get the old behaviour back? (tests are only rerun
when files have changed)

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