[rspec-users] Rspec2, Autotest showing failure on all passing specs

Pixel thecatwasnot at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 23:45:39 EDT 2010

Hey guys,
This is making me nuts, and I've run out of things to google.
I'm writing myself a little gem library, primarily for my own
education.  I got a healthy start on my specs and figured I could do
myself a favor and get the specs running under autotest.  It's not
working quite like I expected.  My specs all pass, but autotest is
showing red instead of green.  I've uploaded a screenshot of what I'm
seeing, since I don't have a specific error to report.


You can see rspec is working fine without autotest.

I'm looking for two things here:
a) How do I get more information out of autotest and/or rspec about
this apparent error?  I've tried various incantations involving
--verbose and -b and nothing seems to be getting at the information I
b) How do I fix this?  I'd be happy to do more googling but I don't
know what to look for anymore, various combinations of 'autotest'
'failure' 'rspec' 'rspec2' arn't getting me the information I need and
I don't know what other keywords I can use.  I've gisted some of my
configuration type files in hopes that I've just missed some simple
setup (I used jeweler to start the setup, but it's setup for rspec1
not rspec2 so I wonder if that's where the problem originated?)  You
can see those here: http://gist.github.com/518386  (I'd be happy to
include more if it's useful.)

Off to try and reproduce this on a fresh gemset....


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