[rspec-users] RSpec 2 autotest file

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Sat Aug 7 17:54:13 EDT 2010


I've tried using the autotest file from RSpec 2 (lib/autotest/rspec2.rb) but I've found a problem with it, that I think is a bug.

The file contains two sections

* an Autotest `Autotest.add_hook :initialize` block
* an Autotest class "Autotest::Rspec2"

In one project I'm working on, the code in Autotest::Rspec2 is really useful to me, but the :initialize hook contains setup that interferes with my project structure (I don't want a "lib" folder.

Unfortunately, it appears that Autotest's `clear_mappings` can't stop the :initialize mappings making it into the final setup.  This means that to use Autotest::Rspec2, I've had to copy-paste the contents into my own autotest file, rather than subclassing.

Is this a bug?  (ie, is there no workaround for the coupling between the two blocks?)  If so, can it be fixed?

Alternatively (or as well), is it time to drop autotest and use watchr instead?  I noticed RSpec 2 uses that, and it seems really fast and simple, both of which go down very well with me...

Any thoughts?



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