[rspec-users] Cucumber Development

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Fri Aug 6 13:49:12 EDT 2010

On 6 Aug 2010, at 18:28, Subhash Mishra wrote:

>> Cucumber has its own mailing list/user group: 
>> http://groups.google.com/group/cukes.
>> I'd recommend asking there, though you'll probably want to be a bit more 
>> specific about your question.
>> Cheers,
>> David
> Thanx,
> Well as far as concern of my problem is only this much that i want to 
> parse argument of cucumber sentence before calling sentence definition
> e.g. suppose i have a cucumber sentence
>          When I press "<some argument>"
> and there corresponding definition
>          When /^I press "([^\"]*)"$/ do |arg1|
>             ruby code
>          end
> where ever above cucumber sentence will be encountered, the actual ruby 
> code is going to be called and <some argument> is going to be passed in 
> 'arg1'. i want to do some operation on this <some argument> before being 
> supplied to arg1.
> :-)

Here we go again. <Sigh>

I think what David meant is that you should ask on the Cucumber list, as that's where the Cucumber developers hang out.  They are the people you need to ask to get an authoritative answer.


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