[rspec-users] Evaluating shared example customisation block before shared block

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Mon Aug 2 09:19:59 EDT 2010

On 2 Aug 2010, at 4:08 AM, Myron Marston wrote:

> Backports (a library that implements features of later versions of
> ruby in 1.8.6) implements it in a similar fashion:
> http://github.com/marcandre/backports/blob/v1.18.1/lib/backports/1.8.7/module.rb

Conceivably, RSpec 2 could depend on Backports under Ruby 1.8.6.  It's not my opinion that it should (I don't have one), but I'm interested to know the implications.

Would that solve any design problems inside RSpec?

Would that cause any problems for users?

Would the problems solved outweigh the problems used?



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