[rspec-users] Rspec 2 and Rails 3 - missing template

Andrei Erdoss erdoss at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 16:46:16 EDT 2010


I am following the example in the Rspec book, starting page 372, where a
controller's create message is spec'd.

it "creates a new message" do
  Message.should_receive(:new).with("text"    =>    "a    quick    brown
fox" )
  post :create, :message => { "text" => "a quick brown fox" }

When i run this spec, the test is not being run and a 'Missing Template'
error is thrown.

Failure/Error: post :create, :question => { "text" =>"a quick brown fox" }
    Missing template messages/create with {:locale=>[:en, :en],
:handlers=>[:haml, :rjs, :builder, :rhtml, :erb, :rxml], :formats=>[:html]}
in view paths "/myapps/app/views"

I am using Rspec 2, Rails 3 and Haml.

Did anybody else have this issue? Has something changed in the Rspec api,
but it hasn't been updated in the book?


Andrei Erdoss
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