[rspec-users] Controller tests fail to parse route based on resource

Marcelo de Moraes Serpa celoserpa at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 18:52:49 EDT 2010

Hello list,

I have a controller example that looks like this:

    it 'Should update (PUT /users/:id)' do
      @attributes = @user.attributes
      @attributes[:firstname] = "Another one"
      lambda {
        put user_url(@user), at attributes
        User.find(@user.id).firstname == @attributes[:firstname]
        response.should redirect_to(users_path)
      }.should_not raise_error

However, this fails with the following error message

ActionController::UnknownAction in 'UsersController#update on (snip)
No action responded to /users/89/edit. Actions: (snip)

I'm not sure why it is not routing PUT /users/:id to UsersController#update.
Any ideas?

The workaround I have as of now is to:

post :update, {:id => @user.id, :user => @attributes}, which works fine, but
not RESTful.


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