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With Cucumber, you can't possibly specify tests for all the corner cases.  That's what your rspecs (unit tests) are for. 

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Please forgive the x-post.

I just got back from the Great Lakes Ruby Bash. They had several good presentations, two specific to BDD and Cucumber. I also talked to several CEOs and devs afterwards, and the overall takeaway I gathered was a shift to less RSpec and more Cucumber. Some people even claimed a 90/10 split (cukes/specs) on current projects.

This was surorising to me and not at all how I worked up to this point. I was more 20/80. I usually cuked a feature, then spec'ed the code to make the cuke work. Each release had some new features and specs for all the underlying code. Apparently, the feeling is that you should do all your main thrusts with Cucumber and use RSpec for edge cases. The theory is that you can change out all the underlying code and the cukes still pass.

What is the communities consensus on this?


Ed Howland

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