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Scott Taylor scott at railsnewbie.com
Fri Apr 16 14:54:42 EDT 2010

On Apr 16, 2010, at 8:15 AM, Nicholas Wieland wrote:

> Hi *,
> I'm trying to write a plugin to integrate my SSO server into my rails app.
> I'm finding the whole process quite difficult, I'm still blocked at configuring rspec, and the lack of documentation is not helping.
> I've put this inside my /vendor/plugins/foobar/spec/spec_helper.rb

I like garlic for testing plugins against (different) versions of rails:


Here's a project that's using it (for reference):



> ENV["RAILS_ENV"] = "test"
> require File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/../../../../config/environment"
> require 'spec'
> require 'spec/rails'
> of course it will break up when I will package the plugin as a gem, the path to the environment variable will be different.
> My question is more about best practices I guess, I would like to know how people includes rspec in a plugin that could be installed both inside /vendor/plugins (useful also during development time) and as a gem. I've seen some plugins (restful_authentication for example) provide an --rspec option to write all specs directly into RAILS_ROOT/spec, but it seems rather suboptimal, especially because plugins are not using this with consistence.
> Someone has any experience ?
> TIA,
>  ngw
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