[rspec-users] Unable to use Rspec Framework in Watir

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Mon Oct 26 04:20:43 EDT 2009

On 26 Oct 2009, at 07:10, abhisheksreepal wrote:

> Thanks.

There were a few other things odd about your code though.  You don't  
need to use global variables ($), and you're including thinks into the  
global namespace object.  RSpec is heavily block-oriented, and it  
makes life a lot easier if you understand what it's doing with them.   
For example, you can do this:

   Spec::Runner.configure do |config|

If you're coming to Ruby from another language, it would probably pay  
off quickly to study blocks and modules in more detail.  It'll save a  
lot of pain later on.



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