[rspec-users] Slides from "Uses & Abuses of Mocks & Stubs" at NWRUG

Pat Maddox pat.maddox at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 04:46:32 EDT 2009

Response written as I go through the slides, and late at night under
sleep deprivation ;)

* 57 juicy slides in half an hour?  Damn dude.
* Not a fan of the "defining an interface" service example.  A single
method named #query that accepts a string that appears to have the
real command is not much of an interface.  What about something like
service.should_receive(:store).with(:first_name => 'Fred', :last_name
=> 'Flintstone') ?
* I dig the be_equivalent_xml_to matcher
* On the Simulating Situations slide I would stub the call to #save
instead of expecting it.  You're just setting up context for the
example to run in.
* may be a style thing but in your Degrees of Freedom shapes examples
I don't like creating the shapes in a before. Just inline it
* the shape example where you pass in a mock is really weird to me.
What are you trying to illustrate?  A different example might be more
effective (or I just need to hear the commentary that goes with that

Over all it looks like a great introduction to the benefits, use, and
pitfalls of mocks.  Thanks for sharing.


On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 12:54 PM, Ashley Moran
<ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi all
> I gave a presentation on mock objects this week at the North West Ruby User
> Group in Manchester[1].  I thought some of you may be interested in the
> slides, which are now on my blog[2].
> Note that most of the slides were prepared late at night under sleep
> deprivation, so there are a few bits where I had to clear up what I meant in
> response to questions.  (Mainly, by using examples that are so trivial it's
> not clear what the benefit of a mock object is.)  But hopefully there's
> enough value in them that non-attendees might find them useful.
> Feedback gratefully received.
> Cheers
> Ashley
> [1] http://nwrug.org/events/october09/
> [2]
> http://aviewfromafar.net/2009/10/17/nwrug-slides-uses-and-abuses-of-mocks-and-stubs
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> http://www.patchspace.co.uk/
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