[rspec-users] bmabey-fakefs Not Found Error when installing rspec 1.2.

George Mauer lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat Oct 10 13:22:01 EDT 2009

DanS wrote:
> I'm trying to install rspec so I can work with the new book chapter.
> This what the console shows after running "rake install_gem"
>   Successfully built RubyGem
>   Name: rspec
>   Version: 1.2.9.rc1
>   File: rspec-1.2.9.rc1.gem
> mv rspec-1.2.9.rc1.gem pkg/rspec-1.2.9.rc1.gem
> sudo gem install  bmabey-fakefs --version '>=0.1.1'
> ERROR:  could not find gem bmabey-fakefs locally or in a repository

Just ran into this problem and none of the posted answers helped. Here 
is the solution:

Going to http://gems.github.com/ I noticed that it RubyGems 1.2.0 or 
higher is required for working with github.

PS C:\code\RubyPlayground> gem -v

PS C:\code\RubyPlayground> gem update --system

PS C:\code\RubyPlayground> gem install rspec
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