[rspec-users] Running a specific row in cucumber example table

Zoltan Penzeli lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Oct 5 04:49:50 EDT 2009

> I have no idea if this will work, but you could try to sense for the
> table row you want to skip in a Before block, then call skip_invoke!
> on it:
> Before(scenario_or_example_row) do
>    if the_one_to_skip?(scenario_or_example_row)
>      scenario_or_example_row.skip_invoke!
>    end
> end

Well, this isn't really working (or I might forgot something to define, 
but from http://wiki.github.com/aslakhellesoy/cucumber/hooks  - it seems 
that 'Before' is operating with tags (and hooks) - see

This is in fact be useful, because we are able execute code before each 
line of the properly tagged Scenario Outline... but... I still don't 
know the method/variable to access the _current line_ of the example 

So translated into the code, an example:

Scenario Outline: file reader
Given I read <file>
Then I want to have <content>

| file | content |
| x.txt | Text |
| y.txt | Other text |


Before('@tagged') do
   # how to access current row???
   if row[0] == $external_filename
     # how to properly skip current line???

Given /I read (.+)/ do |fileName|
   #open and read fileName
   #fill @file_content

Then /I want to have (.+)/ do |content|
   #assert 'content' against @file_content


So we need something for 'row[0]' and a proper way to skip the current 

I now that this example is not a good real life situation (it would be 
easier to use multiline step arguments), but we would like to use 
Cucumber driven by an external source (executing only one line from each 
example table) AND maintaining the ability to run it independently (all 

I hope this cleared up the things a bit more...

Thanks for your ideas!
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