[rspec-users] spec_helper getting reloaded after specs run under Textmate/Spork

Elliot Winkler elliot.winkler at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 10:46:27 EST 2009

Thought I should mention I'm fully updated to TextMate 1.5.9 and I'm 
also on Leopard.

I tried wiping out my TextMate bundles and re-installing TextMate, but 
I'm still seeing the problem, both in my project and a fresh project. 
Going to try a previous version of TextMate next, and then another 

-- Elliot

On 11/21/09 12:28 AM, Elliot Winkler wrote:
> I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out something weird I've
> suddenly run into. So I'm using Spork to run my specs. Naturally I've
> got TM_RSPEC_OPTS in Textmate set to --drb and I'm running `spork` from
> the command line to fire up the Spork server. However, if I have a spec
> file open in Textmate and I press Command-R, then the specs in the file
> get executed twice. I did a quick test by having spec_helper print out
> something at the bottom of the file and then wrote up a quick
> one-example spec file. When I ran it, I saw the spinner spin, the debug
> line got printed to the window, the output from the specs appeared, and
> then the spinner spun some more and the debug line appeared again (but a
> duplicate set of specs didn't appear because I think RSpec's smart about
> not re-running tests). So it definitely looks like spec_helper is
> getting loaded again, after all the specs are run. (I know spec_helper
> should be run twice, once during preloading, once during execution. But
> not again, AFTER execution.)
> At first I thought it might be only specific to my project, but I tried
> creating a fresh Rails project, installing RSpec into it, and creating
> and running a quick spec file, but the same thing happened --
> spec_helper seems to get loaded again. I also tried wiping and
> reinstalling the rspec, rspec-rails, and spork gems, but that didn't
> work either.
> Just to emphasize, this is only when Spork is running. If I leave
> TM_RSPEC_OPTS at --drb but fail to leave the Spork server open, the
> specs only get run once as they should.
> Also, this is only for Textmate -- I've got --drb in my spec.opts and
> `rake spec` works just fine when Spork is running.
> So I really don't know who the culprit is: Spork, RSpec bundle, or maybe
> it's just me. I noticed in Lighthouse a few people have had this same
> problem, but those were a while back and anyway this seems to be different.
> David, can you think of a reason why something like this would be
> happening? Exit status maybe? Or maybe this is more of a Spork question.
> -- Elliot

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