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On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Robertico Gonzalez
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> Hi,
> I am new to Cucumber.  I am a test engineer for an IP PBX.  Has anyone
> tried to use Cucumber to test such application?  Some of the actions
> that I need to perform are:
> Given:
> a) Configure parameters on a web site to change phone behavior
> b) Configure parameters on a web site to change trunk behavior
> c) Configure parameters on a web site to change system wide behavior
> When:
> a) Make a call from phone A to phone b
> b) Press Transfer or Conference softkey
> c) Configure Call Forward All from phone
> Then:
> a) Verify audio between two phones
> b) Verify phone displays
> c) Verify phone status prompt
> I imagine I need to translate these steps into Ruby to see if they pass
> or fail.  I don't have control over the code that developer write for
> features, since I am just a tester. We write scripts in TCL to automate
> our test cases.
> Any pointers or suggestions are welcome.

A while back I looked at using Twilio to do automated integration
testing a phone system. I started talking with some of their
engineers, but then the conversation just stopped. I didn't know if
they got busy or thought I was crazy. :)

You can setup twilio accounts, one as a receiver and one as the
dialer. I got a proof of concept working with Cucumber as the driving
force, but I haven't worked on that application in a while. Perhaps
twilio has provided some tools for this by now.

This probably isn't what you were looking for, but thought I'd share
the idea in case anyone has interest,

> Regards,
> Robertico
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