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Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas lbocseg at yahoo.com.br
Sun Nov 8 05:55:08 EST 2009

David Chelimsky escreveu:
> ...
> As for internals, my goal for the Cucumber features is to provide an 
> executable set of documentation for end users to understand how to use 
> RSpec. Not so much to expose internals, which I think is better 
> addressed in the RSpec code examples themselves. Make sense?

Actually, I don't like very much the idea of hiding the internals. I've 
spent too much time trying to figure out what happens in the internals 
so that I could integrate Rspec with Webrat and I still don't understand 
a lot of things.

For instance, why can I use 'visit' when I am testing an expected 
behavior, but cannot use 'redirected_to' while both belongs to 

I think it helps a lot understanding what is happening on the internals. 
Some topics that could be approached on documentation:

- What happens on a describe/context/it/specify call?
- What is the load order when running tests? (talking more deeply about 
- How are database transactions dealt with in Rspec and the differences 
between before(:all) and before(:each) with respect to databases.
- What is the class (how is it created?) that we are writing code on? 
How are the expectations/matchers injected on classes and which classes?

I really think that knowing the internals would help a lot and save us 
many many time.

The syntax of Rspec should be simple so that reading the specs should be 
natural, but it doesn't mean that we should abstract from what is 
happening in the internals...

Well, that is my opinion.



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