[rspec-users] autospec runs failing specs forever in endless loop

Jarmo Pertman Jarmo.P at gmail.com
Sun May 31 16:59:25 EDT 2009

I wanted to start using autospec on my little (non-Rails) project. I'm
on Windows XP and have used it some time ago successfully (on the same
PC), although I've updated many gems in the meantime (RSpec for
example among others).

In short, everything is fine when all specs pass, but if some fails,
then autospec won't stop running failing specs again even if no files
are changed. I expect it to run specs again only if some file gets
modified. It's kinda irritating when it doesn't stop and is by no
means helping any development :/

Also, when I fix the failing spec then it will run it only once and
then run whole suit once and stops as expected.

Any ideas what might cause this distracting behaviour?


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