[rspec-users] DeepTest with 1.2.6?

Scott Taylor scott at railsnewbie.com
Thu May 28 05:16:33 EDT 2009

Adam Anderson wrote:
> Just curious if anyone is running DeepTest with rspec 1.2.6. I can't 
> even do a '$ rake -T' on the deep-test repo at 
> git://github.com/qxjit/deep-test.git 
> <http://github.com/qxjit/deep-test.git>
> When I try to run deep_test using their provided rspec example at 
> http://github.com/qxjit/deep-test it blows up and produces the following:
> Warning: DeepTest will run before(:all) and after(:all) blocks for 
> *every* test that is run.  To remove this warning either convert all 
> before/after blocks to each blocks or set 
> $show_deep_test_all_block_warning to false
> [DeepTest] Started DeepTest service at druby:// 
> <>

My impression is that it was always sort of buggy and it was hard to 
reproduce certain bugs in certain configurations - so I'm not sure if it 
ever worked.  I never got it to fully work on my own machine.

You might try contacting David Vollbracht, who was the one who added in 
rspec support (this was probably 6 months ago or so now).

I'd be interested in hearing if anyone is actually using it.


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