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On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 8:19 PM, Matt Wynne <matt at mattwynne.net> wrote:
> http://robertlally.com/post/bdd-not-so-much


I think he's being too literal and missing the substance of the
practice by criticizing its veneer.  I personally don't use BDD as a
path to customer communication; in the majority of my projects I'm the
primary 'customer,' so it's to help *me* think, not somebody else.

I also don't use "should" in my specs.  I don't care about
should-vs.-assert.  I use active, immediate language.  My failure to
use "should" doesn't make my specs any less functional, and as I'm not
required to submit them to any BDD experts for grading, no one

For that matter, I've never found that the semantic argument about
"What is BDD?" vs. "What is TDD?" has ever made any practical
difference to my code.  I like RSpec because it helps me think in
English about what I'm going to do before I do it.  So does Cucumber.
Both are better at different sorts of problems.  The mental model of
coding practice that they facilitate is useful to me and makes better
code.  I really don't care what anyone calls it.

I also don't understand his apparent assumption that using a
"structured textual format" for functional specs means it's the *only*
thing one uses.  Sometimes I make diagrams to understand my design
thoughts better.  Sometimes I do mind maps.  Sometimes I write long
rambling blog posts (http://tinyurl.com/d6w4t8).  And I still use
RSpec and Cucumber.  They're not exclusive of each other.  They're all
useful.  They all shine different lights on the same cave wall.

Finally, and most relevant: I personally don't understand vodka.  It
doesn't taste like anything to me.  I do not accept that a vodka
martini is truly a martini.  It will never work for me, and I tell my
friends frequently that their 'martini' is a misuse of the word and
that they can't possibly like what they're drinking.

I am, of course, wrong.  This could be really obnoxious of me,
except...  Well, who cares?  While I'm babbling on, they've got a
martini in their hand and they're enjoying it.  Thus, they win.

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