[rspec-users] undefined method `assert_select'

Sarah Allen lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat May 23 01:27:38 EDT 2009

I'm having trouble getting the specs to run for a plugin where I want to
fix a bug. (I've actually already found and fixed the bug, but I don't
want to submit a fix without a test!) When I started the specs weren't
running, but it may be that I'm using Rails 2.3.3 and the plugin has
been tested on 2.1 and earlier. I went through writing a spec for a very
simple plugin to get some perspective on how things fit together, and
I've resolved some issues, but still see this error:

$ spec

NoMethodError in 'ActionView::Helpers::SwfObjectHelper swfobject_tag
should call swfobject.embedSWF'
undefined method `assert_select' for

line 17 is:
      html.should have_tag('script', /swfobject.embedSWF/)

Can anyone give me a hint?

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