[rspec-users] autotest?

Kero van Gelder kero at chello.nl
Thu May 21 11:34:07 EDT 2009

> >> > Is there some configuration I need to do to get rid of unit/functional
> >> > tests and only run rspec+cucumber?
> >
> > [...]
> >> I guess I should add this in some form to the rspec wiki ;)
> >
> > Done:
> >   http://wiki.github.com/dchelimsky/rspec/autotest-integration
> Thanks Kero. I added a bit of information about autospec to that wiki page.

I keep learning things...
add_mapping returns nil, that's why it works for autotest/rspec.rb

But I've ran strace to confirm the problem I had with non-nil myself:
~/.autotest is ran *before* ./.autotest on my system (debian unstable).
Are you sure it's the other way around on your system?
I haven't seen autospec docs that claim one or the other.

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