[rspec-users] Skipping the testscenario based on Given block execution.

Joseph Wilk joe at josephwilk.net
Tue May 19 05:42:49 EDT 2009

Anil Gollaa wrote:
> Hi,
> I think i am not clear.
> My query is while running the testcases,
> Some times precondition of testcase fails, when precondition itself 
> fails there is no point in executing the testcase further.
> so , is there any way in cucumber to skip execution of scenario when 
> precondition of testcase fails.
In a Scenario if any step fails the following steps of that scenario  
are skipped.

This is the current behaviour of Cucumber.  Older versions of Cucumber 
had some trouble with properly skipping these steps.

Joseph Wilk
> Thanks,
> Anil

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