[rspec-users] REG: Colour setting for html logs

Joseph Wilk joe at josephwilk.net
Mon May 18 06:08:25 EDT 2009

Anil Gollaa wrote:
> Hi,
> When i run some testcases using cucumber sample.feature --format
> html>features.html.
> 1) After execution, By default in the html file, background colour is
> black.
> How can i set the background color any other colour i want. Like we can
> set
> other passed, failed colours using the below command.
> export CUCUMBER_COLORS=passed=white
Currently we do not support customising any of the colours in the HTML 
formatter. These are all defined within a css file.

Rather than passing colours on the command line for the HTML formatter I 
would prefer if you could specify your own css file to use.

cucumber --format html --css my_own_special_colours.css

The other option which is possible now is to create your own formatter 
extending the HTML formatter. Overide 'def inline_css' so that it 
provides your own CSS file.
> 2) The generated HTML just gives the scenarios description but its doest
> not show then no of scenarious passed or failed e.tc
> How can get the information in htmloutput as well.
We have a ticket open on this, please direct any input they have there.
> Please help me in this regard.
> Thanks,
> Anil kumar

Joseph Wilk

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