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aslak hellesoy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Fri May 15 16:57:10 EDT 2009

> Aslak Hellesøy wrote:
>>> sure that this is what I was doing, although the table followed a
>>> complete scenario. �However, I have not used tables for the last couple
>>> of months and am somewhat perplexed with respect to the changes.
>> What are these changes you are talking about?? The only thing that
>> changed was:
>> * the "More Examples" keyword was renamed to "Examples".
>> * "Examples" can only be used under "Scenario Outline", not "Scenario".
>> These are minor changes that haven't really changed anything
>> fundamentally. You can find the documentation for multiline step
>> arguments here:
> Yes, I followed that part.  The part I did not comprehend was using
> multiline step arguments, which are more commonly referred to as tables
> as well insofar as I can see.  I was looking for "tables" in the
> documentation, not "multiline step arguments", which conveys to me a
> completely different meaning than the one evidently intended.

I'm aware that the two different kind of tables can be confusing, so
I'll try to always refer to them as:

"multiline argument tables" or maybe "step argument tables" or even
"argument tables"


"scenario outline tables" or "example tables"

Which terms do you think we should adopt and where in the wiki should
this be emphasized more clearly?


> Nonetheless, Mr. Flipse's post has put me right and I am on to the next
> bit of confusion.
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