[rspec-users] Rails HTML error page in the console.

Matt Wynne matt.songkick at googlemail.com
Wed May 13 03:42:57 EDT 2009

I'm still bugged by the fact that when I get an exception during a  
feature run (e.g. Couldn't find partial) then what I see in the  
console is all the HTML to report that error in a browser.

I have had a few ideas for this bubbling around at the back of my  
mind. I wondered whether anyone else was thinking about this too.

I guess the idea would be to patch rails's  
ActionController#rescue_action_locally with something that threw the  
exception out at Cucumber rather than bubbling it up to the web. What  
do you think? Would it work? What are the drawbacks I haven't thought  

Matt Wynne

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