[rspec-users] Cucumber 0.3.3 - Examples:

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Mon May 11 18:46:40 EDT 2009

James Byrne wrote:
> Am I correct when I infer that the "Examples" keyword is now only valid
> in a Scenario Outline?  If so, in what version did this change take
> place?

Yes... "Examples" is only valid in Scenario Outlines, but you can also 
use "Scenarios" as well.  I don't remember being able to use "Examples" 
outside of the of Scenario Outlines.  Where were you using it before?  
My guess is that if you were using it before it was an unintentional 
feature that was removed when things were cleaned up.  Aslak or Joesph 
could give you a more definitive answer.  In short, I don't know what 
version this change happened in- sorry.


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