[rspec-users] Test JSON with Cucumber

Bill Kocik bkocik at gmail.com
Mon May 11 15:59:32 EDT 2009

Hi Folks -

I'm hoping someone has come before me in trying to do this. I want to
use Cucumber to acceptance-test my JSON output. So far all I can do is
validate that the JSON is valid, with this step:

Then /^I should get valid JSON$/ do
  assert_nothing_raised do

What I'd really like to do is be able to drill down into the JSON
looking for the presence of certain elements in their correct places.
For example, if my JSON is {"foo":{"bar":"baz"}} and parses out to
{'foo' => {'bar' => 'baz'}} then I want to be able to test that
['foo']['bar'] gives me 'baz', or at least that ['foo']['bar'] exists.
Unfortunately I'm not sure how to go about writing step definitions to
do anything like this, since I haven't yet figured out a way to take a
regular expression or string and inspect a hash with it.

Anyone have any ideas? I could really use a brain-kick here.


Bill Kocik


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