[rspec-users] top posting and plain text

Kero van Gelder kero at chello.nl
Thu May 7 13:12:47 EDT 2009

>> So let me get this right,
>> you agreed with Aslak that you shouldn't top post.
>> by top posting????
> lol.. Yes.   :)  Sarcasm somethings doesn't come across well over email  
> I suppose.

Not only that, he did it in <html> so it was impossible for
me to see whether it was top or bottom. The sarcasm was clear
enough, tho ;)

+1 from me, too.

I'm adding a request: cut out the paragraphs of the email
that you are not responding to. I'm encountering plenty of
emails that don't fit on my screen (which is much bigger than
an iPhone) and turn out to contain not much more than
"yes", "thanks" or "see lighthouse <url>".

How can I change the world if I can't even change myself?
  -- Faithless, Salva Mea

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