[rspec-users] cucumber - referential (inherited?) scenarios

Julian Leviston julian at leviston.net
Sat May 2 15:30:57 EDT 2009

Fair enough.

The steps from step definitions one is the best approach for what I  
want, and it's actually what am doing, but I do notice that there's a  
lot of the time when I'm actually re-typing the same text (ie once in  
the explicit explanation of what it means to log in, and then once  
more in the step definitions to refer to that login procedure) when I  
do this approach. Re-typing the same stuff is pretty retarded, and  
never a good idea.

Hence... my interest in this feature :)

How about this... Whenever I refer to other steps from within my  
steps, they should be printed out on the output line... tabbed in a  
bit, like so:

Given I am logged in:
	Given a default user exists
	And I am on the login page
	And I fill in "username" with "username"
	And I fill in "password" with "password"
	Then I should be on the superduper page

Then the option to turn this feature off or on on the command line.

That'd be bloody brilliant. Okay so maybe I should go fork it and do  
it :)


On 03/05/2009, at 4:50 AM, Ben Mabey wrote:

> Julian Leviston wrote:
>> You know what'd be awesome?
>> If Cucumber scenarios were referential.
>> I mean, wouldn't it be awesome if you could refer to them... so you  
>> could build on them...
>> So in a login.feature I'd define:
>> Scenario: logging in
>> Given that a default user exists
>> And I am on the login page
>> When I fill in "username" with "username"
>> And I fill in "password" with "password"
>> Then I should be logged in
>> And then in a different feature somewhere else, I could say:
>> another.feature
>> Scenario: make toast
>> Given Scenario "logging in"
>> Given I am on the exciting logged in page
>> Then I .... blah blah blah
>> and so on...
>> Julian.
> Believe it or not, this exact feature did exist in Cucumber at one  
> time but was deprecated and is now removed.  You can find a good  
> explanation of the reasoning behind that decision and what are the  
> better alternatives on Joseph's blog:
> http://blog.josephwilk.net/ruby/cucumber-waves-goodbye-to-givenscenario.html
> -Ben
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