[rspec-users] cucumber - referential (inherited?) scenarios

Lee Hambley lee.hambley at gmail.com
Sat May 2 14:33:40 EDT 2009

Hi Julian,
You can do just that, the scenarios stack like that quite well, and it is
reasonable to call a step from another, but you should  have something like

Scenario: Logging In
Given there is a user
When I visit the login page
And I fill in username with .......
And I fill in passowrd with ........
Then I should be logged in as .......

Scenario: Visiting Account Page
Given I am logged in
When I visit the account page
Then I should see my account settings

... "Given I am logged in" you define to call in turn each of the step
matchers you wrote to satisfy the first scenario.

.. does that fit your expectations / workflow?

2009/5/2 Julian Leviston <julian at leviston.net>

> You know what'd be awesome?
> If Cucumber scenarios were referential.
> I mean, wouldn't it be awesome if you could refer to them... so you could
> build on them...
> So in a login.feature I'd define:
> Scenario: logging in
> Given that a default user exists
> And I am on the login page
> When I fill in "username" with "username"
> And I fill in "password" with "password"
> Then I should be logged in
> And then in a different feature somewhere else, I could say:
> another.feature
> Scenario: make toast
> Given Scenario "logging in"
> Given I am on the exciting logged in page
> Then I .... blah blah blah
> and so on...
> Julian.
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