[rspec-users] RSpec-rails 1.2.2: autospec passes but "rake spec" fails

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Mon Mar 30 03:35:31 EDT 2009

On 29 Mar 2009, at 20:18, Stephen Eley wrote:

> # This line ensures that RSpec will run in the 'test' environment
> # regardless of defaults set by other tools.  If you have reasons to  
> run
> # specs in other environments, you can allow this value to be  
> overridden
> # by changing the line to:
> #
> # ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'test'

Just to explain: I think it was me who asked for this, though the  
change wasn't in generated code, it was in a file in rspec-rails that  
gets run when you require 'spec/rails'. We use a 'features'  
environment for running our features (so we can run them in parallel  
with specs) and it was causing some weird behaviour as the constant  
was changing under our feet as the features (which use some rspec- 
rails matchers) were run.

Matt Wynne

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